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6 Areas You Need To Have Organized In Your Garage

Are you one of many homeowners who suffer from an unorganized garage? Easily tackle your unorganized garage by breaking down the interior into these 6 sections. By making room for these specific 6 areas you can organize each section and take on one task each day. Breaking these down into 6 tasks can help you complete each one stress-free instead of trying to organize your entire garage in just one day. Ready to start? Let’s go!

BEFORE YOU ORGANIZE …  Paint Your Garage.


Now, this will be the most taxing task to do but it will give you a great starting point for the rest of your Garage. Start by pulling everything out of your garage and repainting to a simple neutral hue. We suggest a color that will make your garage appear bigger and also make it brighter. Whites, Light Greys, Blues and Greens are great for this, as we suggest selecting softer tones of these colors. This will make your space appear bigger, brighter and cleaner.

  1. Gym Equipment

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    Make an area where strictly gym equipment is stored. Giving yourself this allocated space will let you find your equipment with ease and if you have the extra space you may be able to give yourself an area to work out in.  

  3. Sports Equipment

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    Find yourself always kicking loose soccer ball and footballs out of the way? Give them a permanent home in your Garage. That way you never chase them down or are having to kick them out of the way just to move around your garage.

  5. Everyday Items

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    We know while you can store away some items for future use there are some things you need to be able to grab on a daily basis. With a storage area like this that keeps track of shoes, backpacks or any other item, a built-in like this is perfect. Stay organized and conveniently grab any daily item.

  7. Storage

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    Looking from somewhere to place those Christmas decorations or seasonal clothes that just don’t fit in your closet? Add a wall of plastic bins that can easily store your holiday decorations and other items you need to hide away. Add an extra layer of organization with labels on all your bins as well!

  9. Cleaning Supplies

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    Organize your cleaning supplies right in your garage. This keeps them out of the way of young kids in the house and also gives you a dedicated space for all your cleaning needs. Add hooks to hang brooms and mops so they are off the ground and out of the way.

  11. Yard Supplies

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    Of course, you need to allow some space for your yard supplies. Strategically hang your rakes, ladders and other supplies so they are out of the way and off the ground. This gives you more space for other items or maybe finally even fit your car in the garage!

    Now that you’ve taken care of the interior of your garage, now it’s time for the exterior. Call D & D Garage Doors today for all your garage door needs. We are here to help with everything from design to installing new technology for your brand new garage door. Call us TODAY!


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