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Garage Doors Sarasota: Solar paneled gate openers are here to stay!

Garage Doors Sarasota: Solar paneled gate openers are here to stay!

Quick RUN! It’s raining, and if we run fast enough we may not get wet … AT ALL! That probably sounds similar to something you’ve said lately with all of this Florida rain we’ve been getting. How often do we prepare for that mad dash from the car to our front door, or from our car to our front gate for that matter? Opening the gate in the pouring rain, kicking ourselves for closing the gate that morning but wanting to keep our family and our home safe … sound familiar? Did you know, however, Mythbusters has proven that running in the rain will leave you just as wet as walking in the rain?

Most of us have a remote controlled garage door opener, so wouldn’t it make sense to have one for our entry gates as well? Wouldn’t it be nice to push that button, have the gate open and proceed right into your opened garage. Well that’s just ONE benefit of a remote gate opener.

One of the coolest features about our LiftMaster gate operators is that they run off built-in solar panels. This means that power and energy are used only when needed. Mostly for opening and closing the gate minimizing power consumption at all other times. This helps extend the battery life on your gate opener and results in lower utility bills, and we all love that!

So lets recap, with your solar paneled LiftMaster gate opener you can stay dry, you can be kinder to the environment & save money all while keeping your home and family protected! Sounds good, right?

Our LiftMaster operators are versatile in style so they look great with aluminum gates or fences. They come in a variety of sizes and styles that fit your home for both aesthetic and functionality purposes. This is an important feature because there are different types and grades of gates and doors. Some are more heavy duty (industrial gates and doors), while others are more lightweight (swing gates or residential doors). By knowing what type of gate you have you can pick out the most reliable and longest lasting operator.

So whether you already have a remote operator for your gate or you prefer the running and dodging raindrops method, we wish you a dry rest of the summer and beautiful & sunny Florida Fall!

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