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Why You Should Let a Professional Handle Your Repairs

With the growing popularity of DIY, it isn’t uncommon for us to get calls about clients doing their own home repairs and then having them go very wrong. Here lately in the Jacksonville market we have had a lot of calls about customers doing their own repairs to either their openers and even the springs on the Garage Doors.  Now, considering your Garage Door is usually the largest moving object in your home, D & D Garage Doors and the manufacture recommends that a trained garage door professional handle your repair needs and here’s why:

  • Unsafe Fixes. Even what may seem like a simple repair could require unsafe working conditions for those that have no experience working with Garage Doors. Take a car remote for example, a very simple and small item,  may require someone to the homeowner to access the opener via ladder which could make the homeowner unsafe if something were to happen.
  • Warranty. Here at D & D, we offer a warranty on items that comes with our professional service. SO why not have your repair serviced by a trained professional and also receive a warranty on the item that needed repaired? That way you know if something happens again, D & D Garage Doors has got your back.
  • Get it Done Right. There is nothing worse than think you have repaired something to only find out you may have damaged it worse than before. So why not have it done right the first time by a trained professional?

Even a simple car remote could require the persons to access the opener via a ladder which again could be unsafe if not monitored. We usually convince the calling or walk in customers to let us the professionals complete the repair and strongly promote the D&D warranty that comes with our professional service. In short, we remind everyone that the manufactures do highly recommend that you always use a trained garage door professional.


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